Hello there!

I'm a UX and Strategy/Service designer currently living in Munich and working at BMW. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, where I studied Medicine before moving to design. My passion has always been to improve people's life. This is why I take a human centered design approach to frame real business problems and customer's hypothesis. I have a deep empathy for people and their needs and I help product teams stay focused on the user and deliver meaningful experience. 

For that I apply strategic design thinking to craft end-to-end experiences which balance desirability, viability and feasibility across platforms. I communicate through low fidelity sketches, flows, wireframes, high fidelity design, customer journeys, service blueprints to aid with cross-disciplinary team communication, collaboration and development.

If the internal processes are not in shape, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and develop tools aiming in scaling design impact, drive consistency and focus resources through templates, guides and trainings for designers as well as other team members.

I feel great when working with researchers and talking to users to understand their (sometimes not so obvious) needs and test prototypes. I'm used to having either weekly or bi-weekly user testings as well as participating in more in-depth design thinking research.

Don't forget to check out my LinkedIn page for more information.